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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                DeVIVO Douglas                                                            

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DeVIVO Douglas

Douglas DeVIVO

Born: 1956 in San Jose, CA
Medium: plein air paper collage

In 1980, Douglas moved to Taiwan to study Chinese art. The planned two-month stay turned into a three-year stint studying art, philosophy, history and traditional crafts. Douglas then spent another twelve years in Taiwan and China with various graphic art and design businesses.

Since his return to California, he has explored his own personal artwork, doing plein aire collage. He says the works “are made from old letters, books, magazines, dress patterns, money and decorative papers. All the work is done outside, in any type of weather. I gather a backpack full of paper and some tea and hike into nature. I usually sit for a full day, slowing down, getting in tune with my setting. Each collage group reflects the scene I am observing, the weather, what papers I’ve brought with me, and what is in my heart.”

These paperworks are full of color, movement, and an enchanting and surprising combination of different material. The richly textured pieces evoke in the viewer a wealth of reactions. Some from the overall design, some from studying the individual papers chosen for the piece. There is a combination of humor and soberness in seeing the illustrations, text and patterns on each individual scrap of paper, as well as the overall effect in the hands of a talented artist. Each is mounted on heavy Arches paper, ready to be framed.

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