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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                MARUBAYASHI Kris - Ceramics                                                            

Beige Sculpture
Brown Bowl
Brown Sculpture
Large Bowl with Crater Glaze
Medium Bowl with Crater Glaze
Small Bowl with Crater Glaze
White Bowl
White Sculpture
Oblong Vase
Triangle Sculpture - medium
Triangle Sculpture - small
Mountain Sculpture - red
Caldera 13165
Triangle Vase
Brown Bowl
Caldera 1315

Born: New York
Medium: Ceramics

Kris Marubayashi is a sansei (third generation Japanese American) living in Sacramento, CA. She comes from a family with a strong
interest in creativity. Her father was an architect/landscape architect who studied with Frank Lloyd Wright, and her mother was trained
in decorative arts. Kris was born and raised in New York, and moved to California to learn about clay. Although she pursued other interests,
eventually she returned to clay after a break of thirty years, in 2005.

Kris uses a slab roller to create tiles and caldera which are sculptural forms resembling volcanic eruptions.
She throws bowls and cups on a wheel. Using a mid-fire clay (cone 4-6), her pieces are highly textural, and often
resemble rocks and geological formations. The work is visually strong, usually rendered in a rich dark chocolate
brown color.

She first worked with clay in a class taught by Niss Houde, Mamaroneck NY in 1972 and has particpated in study programs
in Davenport, CA and at San Francisco State University.

BA, studio art, San Francisco State University

Nevada City, CA
Seattle, WA
Sacramento, CA
American Crafts Council, San Francisco
Workhouse Clay National 2013, Lorton VA
Ceramic Arts Annual Show, San Francisco

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