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DeVEE Robert

Robert DeVEE
Born: 1940 in Albany, California, Died in Bodega Bay, 2017
Medium: Acrylic painting, silkscreen, and oil monotypes

Bodega Bay artist Robert DeVee studied painting at the California College of Arts and Crafts, and at San Francisco State University. After working for ten years as a graphic artist at Grodin’s and Joseph Magnin, he took up art full-time in 1970. Robert’s work was mostly large-scale impressionist acrylic paintings on canvas. His themes ranged from gardens and still lifes to scenes from along the Sonoma Coast.

Robert DeVee was different from many other painters in his preference for mixing his own palette. Using only the three primary colors (red, blue and yellow) plus white, he blended those paints into a palette which consisted of as many as ninety to a hundred different colors. The process required an additional hour or two of preparation before he could begin painting, but resulted in a rich variety of colors best suited for that particular image.

After visiting Japan and learning of the contemporary print movement, he also began to do monotypes and serigraphs. Robert always used an impressionistic style, and utilized the special attributes of the print medium to create striking works that required as many as eighteen separate screens to produce the desired composition. The monotypes were done by painting with oil on glass, and then applying paper to the glass surface in order to transfer the paint. Some of his work evokes Japanese subject matter, while others seem to come straight from the French countryside. But in each work there is evidence of an artist who strove for vibrant and colorful images of joy and serenity.

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