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Born: 1953 iin Yamagata
Medium: Mezzotint

A graduate of Tama Art University, Mr. Ikuta is mostly self-taught in the difficult medium of mezzotint.   For each image the artist must first make small pits in a copper plate using a rocker tool with numerous sharp points.  After rocking the entire surface, were the plate to be inked and printed, the result would be a velvety black. Classically, the artist then goes back and burnishes and scrapes those pits so they will hold less or no ink.  The end result is  a light image on a dark background.

Mr. Ikuta is especially fond of depicting both cats and owls shown in great detail, but yet with playful, humorous and joyful expressions.  In addition, he has applied color to some designs and introduced various subjects such as flowers, other birds and baskets.   He is a true master of this meticulous printmaking process.

Selected Exhibitions:
    CWAJ Print Shows, Tokyo
    Solo shows in Tokyo and France
    International Print Triennial, Chamaliéres, France (prize winner)

Selected Collections:
    Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian Washington DC
    Krakow National Museum, Poland
    Modern Graphic Art Museum, Norway
    Musée Daubigny, France
    Sakura City Museum of Art, Chiba, Japan
    Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art

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